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EJ Greenblat

"I had been diagnosed with early stage breast cancer. Life seemed beyond my control. Or was it? I decided to re-design my bedroom to create a sanctuary - - an oasis that would help me envision a healthy and satisfying future.

Faced with an excellent prognosis yet the reality of this diagnosis and treatment, I had been warned that my radiation treatment often produced fatigue and radiation burn. With this in mind, I began by purchasing “cucumber cool” cotton sheets and luxury bedding that not only would be cozy and make me feel taken care of, but help me mentally imagine being cooled down. Much to my doctor’s surprise, I also wore this golden, embroidered, Chinese robe to all my radiation treatments. The result? I got none of the usual radiation burn.

Although a shimmering bed throw and wall colors in ocean blue and light green aided my “cool” visualization, such design elements were also part of a larger process by which I surrounded myself with colors, fabrics, furniture, window treatments, floor coverings and special objects - - all of which connected to my long time desire to learn to sail.

The light dancing through my shoji screen windows reminded me that “my ship would come in”. Staring at water scene print above my bed, I imagined looking out on the horizon . . . waiting. My bedroom sanctuary was finished on my last day of treatment. A week later- - given the all clear and a very low chance of recurrence - - I was off to the Florida coast learning to sail! "

Toby Israel