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EJ Greenblat

"I am the descendent of a family that, in this country, dates back to the 17th century. My sanctuary derives from spiritual contact with my ancestors and the gifts that they have bestowed upon me. I have also faced death due to kidney failure and am hearing impaired. These have greatly factored into my life and my sense of purpose and spirit.

My ancestors have appeared to me in dreams, guiding me, pointing me to uncovering important things that they left behind. One remarkable example: my grandfather died unexpectedly as did my father who was the executor of his estate. There was his safe that no one could open, and, in a dream, he showed me how.

Both my older sisters gave kidneys to my brother, and each failed. He and I were dialyzed side-by-side for seven years. He saved my life many times. He passed away in 2004, which is very sad.

I find sanctuary in my spirituality, my family, my experiences, my fitting into nature's rhythms and my desire to realize a greater truth, a greater beauty, a greater love. That's what fuels me - what gives me energy - a reality beyond time and space - an insight into life and death - how to become more of a healing person and artist."

Pamela Zill