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EJ Greenblat

"As an Eclectic Wiccan (Earth-Centered Spirituality incorporating various Goddesses from many ancient cultures), Nature is the ultimate Sacred Space. But my home serves as a sanctuary as well.

I want my home to reflect my spirituality, my tastes and interests, and be a gallery of my artwork along with the work of friends. The entire space is my own personal “museum and meditation”.

I have two altars; the main one being in my bedroom. This centers mainly on ancient Egyptian deities and is the place where I perform most of my rituals and spell work (only positive magic!). The second altar, in my living room, focuses on Nature, as it is covered in plants and faces the sliding glass doors to the outside trees and flowers. This is more of a meditation spot and the area of the most light and energy in my apartment.

Both of these spaces are constant reminders to me of the Goddesses and Gods and the power and beauty of the natural world … places where Magic can still happen".

Lauren Curtis