"Cis "

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EJ Greenblat

"The crunch of the gravel beneath my tires announces that after our long drive, we have reached our destination. That magnificent, stalwart rock has stood guard over the winter awaiting our return. Off in the background the "Barn" seems to say, "what are you waiting for? Come on in!" and another summer begins.

This is MY Sanctuary. This is where all things come together. This is where the family convenes in surrounding houses and this is where everyone drops in to share a bit of news over a cup of coffee on the deck, or a beer in the late afternoon or just comes to sit and catch up. It is a wonderful place to be with friends and share the blueberry sky , take in the heavenly scent of the pines or come in to sit by a wood burning stove on a day that might be shrouded in a blanket of fog and perhaps play a game of Backgammon or work on a jigsaw puzzle.

Friends from away come to visit and spend a few days and they begin to see why I love this spot so. I gaze up at my window in "The Barn" where my bed sits up against the window and think of the night sky, the stars and the peace that comes over me. I contentedly think of Mary Chapin Carpenter's words from one of her songs and it says it all..... "Gonna sleep with the stars, and a slice of the moon hanging right above my bed. Gonna dream not of things that I've left behind but those I found instead."

Cis Chappell