Frank Magalhaes

In his images Frank Magalh„es seeks to derive excitement from the everyday. The images are most often, but not always, of artifacts and small natural objects, architecture, or landscapes, and are not usually set up or contrived.

April 27 to May 27, 2012 Show: I Am a Tree, Part II

January 8 to February 7, 2010 Show: Morocco


March - April 2008 Show: Variations on a Theme

February - March 2007 Show:  I Am a Tree

I Am a Tree: a collection of tree "portraits" in bronze-tone monochrome.

Magalh„es has come to think of a tree as a creature with a personality, something one can commune with. Thus, in photographing an individual tree, he has come to think of the result as a portrait, much the same as he would the photograph of a person.

Point of view and angle of view have been used by the photographer to enhance the sense of the emotion trees might feel if they were creatures, and to evoke strong emotion for the trees in those who view the portraits. He chose monochrome for the images because he felt he could better work with monochrome tonal values to give the photographs the gravitas he felt the trees deserved.

'Closeup: A Photographer and His Lady'

In  'Closeup: A Photographer and His Lady,' Magalh„es is both photographer and part of the subject. In each frame he zooms in on a single hand or several hands in combination, in repose or engaging in various activities. He endeavors in this intimate way to define the photographed couple, who they are as individuals, as well as how they relate to each other, while inviting the observer to conjecture about what lies beyond the frame.
In producing the photographs for the study, Magalhaes has attended not only to detail and point of view, but also to texture. To deliver the desired texture he has chosen black and white for the final prints and for most of the images has processed them using only the red component of the original full color image, imparting a translucent quality to the skin and giving the images somewhat the feel of stone sculpture.

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