Heinz Gartlgruber

Flowers and Plants Gallery

November 2006 Show - "Images From the Old World"

Heinz often works together with his wife, Maria. Their worldwide travels have undoubtedly influenced Heinz's eye for all beautiful things. Heinz's photographic lens has been a vehicle for the creative expression of his experiences.
Renowned for stunning portraits of Florida water birds, Heinz and Maria have spent countless hours scanning Tampa Bay or paddling down Florida's rivers in search of the perfect subject.
Heinz's unique vision is reflected in a new series of the fine art prints that draw their inspiration from the colors, textures, forms, and reflections of nature. Through an art form known as macro photography, Heinz has brought the simplest of subjects to new light - a tiny leaf, a flower's petal or a droplet of dew.
Heinz and Maria produce each custom-crafted print in their own darkroom - a rare talent amongst photographers. Each enlargement is created with the highest quality standards, using Ilfochrome Classic Deluxe material.

Contact email: karlheinzgartlgruber@mac.com