Jim Hilgendorf

Rain Forests, June 3 to July 3, 2011.

I began photographing rain forests in 1998 when on a trip to New Zealand to walk the Milford Track. I was fascinated by the rich and diverse foliage of the forests and the beauty of the ferns, palms and other plants found there. Later travels to Australia, Belize, the Amazon and other places presented new opportunities to venture into, and photograph, other rain forests.

Rajasthan - India's Colorful State, June 5 to July 5, 2010.

Varanasi, India's Holy City on the Ganges

Hackensack Crossing Show in 2009

My Twilight New York Show in 2008

Rodeo Spills and Thrills Show in 2007


Trucks and Truckers Show in 2006

Faces of Laos Show Earlier in 2006

For over thirty-five years I have been working at black and white photography. Trained at the International Center of Photography and the New York Institute of Photography I am constantly trying to improve my skills as a B&W printer and my eye for photographs. 
My previous career, took me far and wide around the world, presenting me with many wonderful opportunities for photography. My goal now is to now devote all my time to photography and travel.

As can be seen by the photos on this site I love taking pictures of people. When photographing people my objective is to catch glimmers of each person's inner strength and beauty. I have more recently moved into photographing and processing digitally and have discovered a new world of color.
You can see other examples of my work at my personal Web site:  www.jimhilgendorf.com  

I can be contacted at:    jvhilgendorf@yahoo.com