John Blackford

November 26 through December 18, 2011

High Water

A chance trip to Niagara Falls put me face to face with the all-out power of falling water. Since then, I’ve been zooming in on moving water itself, as opposed to my usual method of photographing its aftermath. This exhibit is the result. The immensity of water crashing down has a stunning effect, but quiet ripples moving at dusk and slow eddies trapping branches and refuse also found their way into the exhibit. The images capture high water along the Delaware River, flooding near Falls Village, Connecticut, and the falls at Niagara—which started it all. There, beneath sheets of water, broken stairs that once led behind the falls wind upward, wet and slick with algae.

October 15 - November 14, 2010

Signs of Life Along the River Exhibit

October-November 2009 Exhibit - Friends and Family

John has begun shooting celebrations and events, starting with those for friends and family. His goal is the candid portrait, where the subject is presented with little artifice. John would be happy to photograph your friends and family, in portraits or family events such as weddings, bar mitzvahs, or anniversaries. 
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October-November 2008 Exhibit - Through the Looking Glass 

February-March 2006 Exhibit - What the River Saw 

June-July 2005 Exhibit - Borrowed Light

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