Tasha O'Neill

My passion with photography started in 1997. My first love was photographing close-ups of flowers and butterflies.
Now, I coax interest out of everyday objects. I look for moments of juxtaposition, of hard and soft, fire and ice. I catch shadows, reflections in water, buildings within other buildings, 'distortions' seen through liquid or glass.

I used film for many years, but when the first digital Canon SLR came out I was hooked. It became my partner in creativity and gave me instant feedback. The Canon and the computer led to new experimentation.

While I now edit both through the lens and on the screen, my artistic emphasis remains focused on pivotal moments before releasing the shutter.

Exhibit 2011, April 30 - May 29.

Exhibit 2010, February 12 - March 14,

Exhibit 2009, March 20 - April 19


Exhibit 2008, April 18 - May 18
"A Glimmer of Gehry


Exhibit 2007 - March 16 to April 15

"The Intimacy of Flowers".

Exhibit 2006 - April 21 to May 28.

"My Personal View of Mt. Desert Island, Maine"


Exhibit 2005 - "Reflections and Juxtapositions”

Other examples of my work may be seen at my personal Web site: http://www.tashaphotography.com.
I can be reached at tasha@tashaphotography.com